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Need of the hour is to build an Information and communication technology task force for civil engineering. Here is an example- European council of civil engineering has gradually applied the IT to this profession and seamlessly integrated activities. We have mission of IT enabling the engineering consultancy services by providing affordable, secure workflow management solution, internet based virtual office manager systems as well as providing secure communication platform for engineering organizations for internal use as well as external use depending on your policy. Virtual office solution can be used internally on intranet to maintain work flow as well as one stop point of collaboration for all project stake holders across geographies.

We also have envisioned a mission identity,
Engineers build monuments but their names never high-lighted. They as well as their monumental creations should be given due credit in terms of recognition.


  1. Each professional should have his identity on internet: like owning like website having complete information about your professional achievements, experience and areas of interest.
  2. A centralized knowledge base, having detailed information of challenging engineering problems you faced in your career and the solution that achieved. It should act as motivation and source of guidance for young engineers and those in doubt.
  3. Adoption of engineer's scheme. Each senior engineer is attached to 10 young budding engineers. You will be providing guidance and motivation to chosen engineers by allowing them to personally contact you via email/phone as you may agree. This should be free and voluntary practice and has to continue by the every engineer in the country for a period of one year. Idea is to build a strong knowledge society which closely knit both professionally and emotionally. Leading to a big family of engineers bridging the gap between society and profession bringing more human touch to profession.
  4. We invite leaders in profession to come forward as role models to spread the light of knowledge. Building a technologically Strong INDIA .
  5. Information and communication technology has to be embraced to streamline work flow and communication and collaboration. Phoenix Webtech will continue to provide free open source solutions and cost effective customization and thus bring down cost barriers and increasing efficiency of operations for civil engineering consultancies.



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