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Free emails are seemingly free but when you use them for businesss they prove to be very costly because of,

  • The advertisement in free emails like Rediff/Yahoo/MSN carry unwanted spam and virus when hit your mail box the cost implications they have on your business is hidden but heavy. Looking at unwanted spam mail in disguise of a business email not only wastes your precious time but also distract your attention from core business issues.
  • Free email like Gmail are not all private. Their computers read the content of each of your private emails and display context based aids on the side bar. Check your self, if some writes you a romantic email, Gmail will read it and display corresponding type of advertisements based on words in your email. Who want to loose privacy in email communication whether it business or private?
  • Free emails does not show your real corporate identity. All they show that you are one of billions of Gmail, Yahoo or Rediff Users. It does save some money but when you use it for business , it hampers your image badly and cost you big but indirectly. Email is like your face and it's used serious business communication one must have business email like, and not like etc.
  • It only costs you 50 paisa per day to own a business email with virus protection and SSL secured with big attachments 10 MB and SMS enabled so its high time you thought of disadvantages of free emails which are now heavily loaded with advertisements and spam with virues.
  • The free emails are inherently insecure as they don't use SSL encryption. There are many security loopholes which their providers haven't fixed despite knowing.


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